Do you Love it?

A P-3 Life is a Life you Love living!!!

If you've ever thought, "there has to be more to life than this"...then today's post is just for you. You see; the key to getting more out of life, is to simply know - what it is you want out of life. In other words; when you look at your life, ask yourself...

"What would I love?"

What would you LOVE in your:

Spiritual life?

Physical life?



Take some time today to write it down. Whatever it is!

Don't short-change yourself by thinking that what you would love in all the fore-mentioned areas is impossible to achieve. Remember this...

"The only limit in your life, is the limit in your own thinking."

Before you can ever achieve have to be able to conceive it (in your mind's eye). Whatever you are able to hold in your head, you will eventually hold in your hands.

Would you love to live a more focused, dedicated life to God?

Then write down what that would look like for you...and think on it EVERYDAY!

Do you have a Physical condition of life you would love to live?

Then write down the vision of it. What it looks like?

And then...meditate on it...EVERYDAY!

How would you love your finances to look?

Millions in the bank?


The ability to travel at will?

Homes in multiple cities?

Then write it down, and rehearse it in your mind...EVERYDAY!

What would you love your relationships to be?




Pen it...see them finished in your mind...and then think on them - EVERYDAY!

Here's a quick hint:

Whatever you write (that you would LOVE) should give you a feeling of joy and excitement when you close your eyes and envision it.

If you don't get're not thinking BIG enough!

Remember...NO LIMITS!!!!!

Are you ready for a P-3 Life?

God is certainly ready for you to live it!

Tune in tomorrow for more steps to live a P-3 Life!!!!!